Align with the Divine and Let Your Light Shine

 with Linda DeVito 

 5-D Life Coach and 

Certified Vibrational Astrologer

Life Coaching for the 5th Dimension

Astrology for the 21st Century

Life is Changing !

I specia​lize in coaching 

for these transitional times,

and provide you with tools


As a 5-D Life Coach,

I understand

where we are going,

and can help you get there

with ease and success.

You need a new kind of Life Coach!

One who can guide you into the coming New Age!

There is no denying it

 these are chaotic times!


Imagine the earth like a computer,

and consciousness is the operating system 

that we utilize to run our lives.

Our consciousness is now being upgraded.

Much like Windows 97 is now obsolete,

3D consciousness has run its course.

Earth is now being upgraded 

to a different plane of existence.

The 3rd Dimension is dominated 

by opposites (duality),

and the identification with physicality.

The ultimate sense of duality 

is the illusion that we are separate 

from the Spirit/Soul 

which is our true nature.

You are not who and what 

you think you are.

The dualistic energies 

of illusion

and separation

of the 3rd Dimension

will NOT be supported 

in the 5th Dimension.

You can remain in the chaos


You can WAKE UP 


and learn how 

to move out of the chaos,

and co-create a life 

peace and happiness.

The world evolves into a new Astrological Age

approximately every 26,000 years.

2012 marked the end 

of a 26,000 year cycle,

and the procession into the Aquarian Age. 

 Each Astrological Age 

is marked by a change

in the state of our consciousness.  

We are coming into 

a new way of being,


Our Duality Consciousness

of the 3rd Dimension, 

with its love of power

(ie: fear and control)

is evolving

to the Unity Consciousness 

of the 5th Dimension.

I am the Life Coach 

that will guide you

through what is

being called

the Ascension 

from the 3rd Dimension

to the 5th Dimension.

Get Coaching sessions 


uniquely qualified

to help you

through the MOST

challenging times

in the history

of humanity.

Move beyond surviving

to thriving!


Get Coaching sessions

from a LIFE COACH 

uniquely qualified 

to help you 

through the MOST challenging times 

in the history 

of humanity

Combined with

 Vibrational Astrology 

 for the ULTIMATE in personalized coaching.

Get a Consultation using Vibrational Astrology

that is unlike any other 

astrological reading you've ever had.

A consultation that will describe your unique  motivations and talents;

your unique 

energy signature.

Vibrational Astrology - Astrology for the 21st Century!

Radically NEW and INNOVATIVE !

The ONLY Astrological discipline 

based on scientific research and methodology!

It combines:



Quantum Physics,

 and Jungian Psychology.

Based on the premise that 

planets are electromagnetic vibrations.



In Vibrational Astrology, 

 the aspect patterns are interpreted 

as energy processes 

that are seeking expression

 through you.

As a Certified Vibrational Astrologer,

I reveal how you can 

masterfully co-create

this awesome, amazing 

expression called: 

 Your Life.