AlignUrLife Program

These are individualized coaching sessions designed to raise your level of consciousness.  

Sessions combine astrological consultations using Vibrational Astrology and application of Universal Laws and Principles.

What this means is that I reveal different perspectives of looking at, thinking about, and relating to the world around you.  

Sessions act like a spiral in that each opens your level of awareness to a broader way of thinking.  

The goal is to eventually bring you to a level that will enable you: 

1.  "rise above" the way you were thinking of your current issue or problem and thereby resolve it.

2.  rise to the level of consciousness that the planet has evolved to, and thereby successfully navigate the New Paradigm of the New Earth.

3.  discover your unique energy signature; and by applying these Universal Laws and Principles that I will teach you to your life, you can align with your Divine Plan, and co-create a life of personal success.

 Align with the Divine and Let Your ​Light Shine !

The AlignUrLife Program is an extended coaching program

It is a hour long weekly session for a month, or more depending on your need.

Must be 18 years old.

The program includes a free initial exploratory consultation.

Sessions are held over the phone, or via Skype.

Cost is $250/month.