Tachyon Energy!

  What is it and how does it work?

All physical matter is made of energy; and is part of the Energetic Continuum, a term used to describe the flow of energies as they move down from Source.  This stepping down process creates the third-dimensional world in which we live.

Quantum Physics considers the starting point of the Energetic Continuum to be the Formless Zero Point Field.  Like the Zero Point Field, Tachyons move faster than the speed of light.  They are everywhere at the same time, have no frequency, spin, or graviation, and are the source of all energies, and contain the perfect potential of the universe within themselves, but they have.  Tachyons are the first formed energy to emerge from the Zero Point Field.

Tachyons are sub-atomic particles first defined in 1996 by American physicist Gerald Feinberg.  

But this type of energy has been recognized since time immortal: 

 known by many names, including Prana, Chi, Ki, Christ Consciousness, and Universal Life Force Energy.

The Subtle Organizing Energy Field (SOEF), a term coined by Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD, describes the energetic theory of nutrition which states that our physical bodies are templated on SOEFs.  

When balanced, organized and functioning at its peak, the body is in a state know as negative entropy or youthing.  

If disorganized, it slips into a state of chaos known as positive entrophy; the most radical example being the production of cancer cells.  If a SOEF is blocked or depleted, the flow of Life Force energy through the Energetic Continuum becomes deficient.  

But SOEFs can be energized.  Our body naturally does this through the chakra system, oxygen, sunlight, water, and food.  

However, when these sources are themselves depleted, this can negatively impact our lives and may show up as symptoms such as pain, fatigue, and dis-ease.

Our Life Force becomes depleted through poor diet, negative mental and/or emotional states, and environmental toxins.

Tachyonized products are antennae that attract and focus Tachyon Energy.  These antennae,when applied directly to the body, feed the SOEFs, give the body the means and energy to heal itself in a self-regulating manner.  As the SOEFs only use that amount of Tachyon Energy necessary to re-balance unorganized areas of the body, this eliminates any concern of over-charging the body, as in other healing modalities that involve frequencies.

Physically, you may experience an increase in stamina and energy; emotionally:  a return to that feeling of unconditional love; mentally:  you could experience increased wisdom or clarity of thought; and spiritually:  you may feel more in tune with Source.  To that list, add natural detoxification, increased vitamin and mineral absorption, enhanced meditation, increased brain function, a decrease in general pain symptoms and an increased sense of well-being.

Many tachyonized products have also been developed as exceptional tools of protection from EMF radiation for devices such as cell phones, TVs, computers, and other household electrical sources, etc.

In an independent research study by Norman McVea, PHD., Dir., Oxygen Research Institute, Mill Valley, CA, Tachyon antennae were found to be of tremendous value as tools for stress reduction, meditation, creative visualization, consciousness expansion, rejuvenation, and psychic exploration.

Tachyon Energy stands on its own as an exceptional balancing and energizing tool, or it can be used in conjunction with nearly all other healing modalities for its enhancing ability.

Tachyonized Personal Cocoon ULTRA

Vertical Integration Meditation System

The Ultra Cocoon surrounds you in a 3-dimensional, life-balancing sea of Tachyon.  It promotes integration of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies, leading to calm and centered clarity !


Increased Stamina and energy

A return to a feeling of unconditional love

Increased wisdom and/or clarity of thought

Higher states of consciousness and attunement with Source

Recommended session:  20 minutes     $TBD

Save on a Package Deal!

Bundle 4 sessions and Save 30%  ( a $ value)   $TBD

 Tachyonized Chakra Balancing

Unifies Body, Mind and Spirit

Tachyonzied discs are placed on each of the bodies seven chakras.

These draw balancing Tachyon Energy directly into these vital energy centers. 

Recommended session: 20 minutes: $TBD

Save on a Package Deal !

Bundle 4 sessions and Save 30%  (a $ value)   $TBD

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