What is Vibrational Astrology?

In the higher dimensions, you are only known by your unique vibratory energy signature.  

That signature, specifically designed for you to express, is your Divine Plan; 

and the blueprint is found in Vibrational Astrology.

In Vibrational Astrology, the aspect patterns between the planets form a diagram of the energy flows within a person,

 very much like an electrical blueprint.  They carry the electrical current, or Life Force, that moves each of us:  your Light. 

In each person this wiring diagram is uniquely their own.  

It interfaces with their experiences, their families, and the world, producing a unique person:  you.

All planets are electromagnetic vibrations.  

And the planets are connected to each other through these vibrational energy lines.

Understanding your energy patterns is beneficial as an appreciation of your uniqueness 

as intended in this incarnation as a spark of the Divine that you are.

 Understanding the expression of your energies brings you a sense of purpose.  

Astrology is the science of how the planets affect you through their succinct gravitational waves and energetic emissions.

Every planet and moon in our solar system supports the Earth and vice versa.

 Vibrational Astrology is truly the astrology for the 21st Century!

Align with the Divine and Let Your Light Shine !

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 Vibrational Astrology Reading and Consultation

Astrological consultation and reading of Natal and Harmonic charts using radically NEW  VIBRATIONAL ASTROLOGY

These are designed to reveal the energy processes that seek expression through you. 

The focus is to align with these energies which is your unique pathway to happiness and success.

To have an astrological session, you must provide your date, time, and place of birth.

These readings are focused on the astrological uniqueness of your energy signature.

Sessions can also be held for Forecasting, Relocation Analysis, and Compatibility Consultations.

Sessions are held over the phone, or via Skype.

Must be 18 Years Old

To include Consciousness Coaching with your Astrological reading, see the AlignUrLife program.

1 hour sessions.  Initial Session:  $85/hour*

*Save $20 on subsequent consultations.